Providing Art Supplies To Inspire Creativity

One day while buying card stock, I noticed that the “Back to School Specials” had crayons, 100 white index cards, and pencil boxes on sale.

And I thought “Hey, I don’t have to wait to give out art supplies. I can afford to buy a few of these and start now. This doesn’t have to be a future dream.”

I’ve given away over 200 so far, mostly to children, but also to adults. Anyone who can enjoy the joy of creation is welcome to one.  

Want to support our cause? Shop our art kits here! When you purchase an art kit, I will personally deliver it to a child or someone to inspire creativity!

I try to make sure to give each child their own box, even if it is a larger family with siblings. It is nice to have “your own”.

Take a look at some of our art kits being enjoyed…..

A “Viewfinder” is in included in each art kit.

This viewfinder can be used to help determine what ‘subject matter’ looks like and help find what might be a good study for their art project.

How would you use the viewfinder?

What might you create?

“Let’s draw monsters!”

Our hearts are full of so much joy witnessing these creations coming together!

Lynne met this budding artist at a recent Farmer’s Market! He is so excited to receive an art kit!

Making “lands” for his dinosaur figure with the art kit he received from Lynne at the Farmer’s Market!

Here is Nora in action with her drawings!

Here is Ira’s bedroom with all of his artwork displayed! Look at the detail in those dinos!