Meet Lynne

Hi! I am Lynne, Anja’s youngest daughter.

I have wanted to get my mom’s art out into the world since I left a corporate job in 2002. My mom and I were starting to put together a small book featuring her painting from Palm Desert area in California. We lost her to a massive stroke the end of January 2012. She never did anything half-hearted. She had her art surrounding her in the hospital and she gave the nurses comfort when they came in her room. She stayed a week in the hospital and when she knew that everyone who was going to come see her had arrived, she passed with a smile on her face and humming a pleasant song.

When COVID-19 arrived in the Spring, the flowers in my yard began to bloom with amazing vigor. The birds were singing as if to say “Don’t worry, see the beauty around you.” With the directive to social distance I had more time to be outside. The peace and joy that the flowers brought was something I wanted to see if I could share with others… not be afraid.

This gave me the idea that I could go to the Farmer’s Market. I started making bouquets with Kenya, a co-worker who is studying horticulture. We gave the flowers to my neighbors and then brought some to the store. They were well received.

Then I thought that I might be able to make cards of the beautiful paintings my mother Anja painted to bring awareness of the beauty in the world to help us see how amazing it is. So I started playing around with this idea.

The Farmer’s market was closed for a while, but when it opened I applied as a vendor for the chance to sell flowers and my mom’s cards. Both have sparked joy.

Thank you for visiting this web site. Your support is very much appreciated! You are helping get art supplies in the hands of children who are experiencing having to wear masks, home schooling and shoulder worries that are arriving at a very tender age.

The art kits are a chance to create and see what opportunities there are to express their individual specialness.  

These flowers were donated by Denny, planted in Anja Maki’s honor.